Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#26 Sway & Sweet Lies @ The Mystic Realm Faire

I know Theres alot of events going on right now. Im gonna remind you about the Mystic Realm Faire its still Running till October 26th. Heres a cpl places for you to visit.
Special Thanks to My sl sis Kelli, Shes modeling AnJana fairy outfit in Blue (Dress Wings & Leggings Included) From Sweet Lies. There's 3 different colors to pic from and they are only 99L each. She also has several other outfits just as affordable.
Wishing Well, Stepping Stones & Lamp Post are from Sway. Have the bucket hanging or on the edge. This has 10 single animations and 8 couple. Materials enabled so textures are highly detailed. Stepping stones has 3 presets of 5 stones arranged differently, These are copy so you can make a path as long as you want. Last but not least the Bygone streetlamp, This has two versions the standing as shown and also a wall version, not can turn these lights on and off by touching or they automatically turn on @ sl night. 
Find both these designers @ lots of others @ the Mystic Realm Faire