Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#63 SlackGirl's Bringing Sexy Back!

Glint ~ SlackGirl ~ Rich ~ Tableau Vivant ~ DBF ~ PoseSioN ~ AlaskaMetro

Hair ~ Cadance Basics from Tableau Vivant It is being Featured @ Collaber88 Untill Feb 7th

Eye Shadow & Lipstick ~ Poppy Valentine Make Ups From Deluxe Body Factory!
These will be @ Room 69 and Have TMP Appliers  Your Taxi to Room69

 Belly Chain ~ Gold Star Belly Chain From Glint... Also Comes in Silver

My Sexy Outfit, Wrist Bracelets & Choker is Katty From SlackGirl. This is compatible with Classic Avatars & has appliers for Several Mesh Bodies. Go Check them out Ladieeessss....

My Shoes ~ Black Chain Sandals These are a New Release From Rich's Shoes..

Nail Polish For Hands & Feet  Midnight Black Nail Polish From AlaskaMetro

Pose ~ Simple Woman 2 from PoseSioN

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#62 I Have some Good Deals.. Come on lets see!!

D!va ~ Glam Affair ~ Prism ~ Posesion ~ GFD

Hair ~ Yunie in Platnium this is from D!va This is featured @ Collaber88 Untill Feb 7th

Skin ~ Sia skin from Glam Affair This is also @ Collaber88 Untill Feb 7th

Earrings ~ Tentacle Friend from *GFD* Gala Fashion Design. These will be availabe Feb 1st thru Feb 28th They are being featured @ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt.

         Outfit ~ Jacket and Top and Matching Pants This outfit is Newly Released @  Prism....                                  
Pose is White 08 from PoseSioN...

Monday, January 26, 2015

#61 Another Day, Another Outfit!

P3 Pixel Perfect Productions ~ Crom ~ Pr!tty ~ Glam Affair ~ Posesion

Mesh Body Parts: 
Hands (Casual) & Feet (High) are both from SlInk
My Head is Moody from The Shops..

Skin ~ Gia in Jamaica from Glam Affair Made with  The Mesh Project Applier 

Hair ~ Julie with Heavy Roots from Pr!tty This is being featured at The Dressing Room..

Top ~ Ruby Black Top  Made by -Crom-
Skirt ~ Scottish Skirt in Red  Also made by -Crom-

Shoes: These are from P3 and being featured @ Sex Sells Gacha Event 

Pose ~ White 2 Mirror from PoseSioN...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

#60 Ready for a Relaxing Evening...

Thor ~ Potpourri Designs ~ Serenity Style ~ The Dressing Room - Label Motion

If you are interested in what I'm wearing Please check out this previous post..

Things im using in this photo & Where you can get it!

Potpourri Designs is participating in Valentines in Vegas and heres a few items you can get there!
RoseBud Skybox  {18prims}
Frosted Glass Flower Table Lamp  {3prims}
Paris Night Wall Canvas {3 prims}
Red Leather Library Chairs {6prims-9sits}
Red Heart Rug {1prim}

Serenity Style is participating in a Gacha Mania January Round
Old Times Frame {1prim}
Old Times Book {1prim}

Metropolis Cube Lamp {2prim}
Kitty Book Shelf {3prim}

The Pose im using is Special Set #56 Pose 01 Made by Label Motion

#59 The Lady in Red.....

Glam Affair TMP ~ SlackGirl ~ Olive ~ Potpourri Designs ~ EverGlow

Hair ~ The Waves Hair Head Scarf and Color Hud included from Olive MainStore..

 Body ~ Im Wearing The Shops Body & Head is Classic TheShops MainStore

Skin - Sia in Jamaica tone You can get yours @ Glam Affair....

Jewelry ~ Ligy Jewelry set from SlackGirl This has Choker, Earrings & Matching Bracelets Huded with Color Changers. Taxi to SlackGirl....

Dress ~ Red Sequin Pencil Dress This is a Mesh Dress and has multiple sizes. From Potpourri Designs & can be found @ Valentines in Vegas Event...

Pose ~ Comfy 01 from EverGlow Poses Heres Your Taxi....

#58 Lets See what i have for you today!

[Circa] ~ Thor  ~ AlaskaMetro ~ The Dressing Room - Ricielli ~ Label Motion

Hair ~  Windang from Tableau Vivant   Heres your Taxi...

Dress ~ Ingrid Tunic dress in Pebble Brown made by AlaskaMetro Marketplace Link...

Shoes ~ I love these and they fit perfect with TMP body.  Elba Ankle boots in White These are from Ricielli and you can find them on sale featured at  The Dressing Room..

Matching Necklace and Ring {Earrings not Pictured} ~ Square Emerald N Gold Jewelry Set Get Yours  @ HUDSON's Co. While your there check out the Onyx N Gold Version as Well.

Pose ~ Gwen Pose01  Made by Label Motion Heres Your Taxi....

Furniture I Used in Photo are all in  Promenades Romantic Winter Event
[CIRCA] Brought us "Winter Paris"
Items im Showing are:
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris Vintage Wall Art Duo
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris   Love Sign Light
[CIRCA] Winter Paris  Walnut table with Candy & Roses
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris  Pillow Chair in Frost (9Poses)
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris  Pouffe Table in Azure
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris  Pouffe Seat in Azure (6Poses)
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris  Heart Ornamental Tree
[CIRCA] - Winter Paris Area Rug
Head on Over and Play some Gacha today!

Im also using FIBO a House Skybox which will be COMING SOON to THOR!
Taxi to THOR......

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#57 Bring Summer Back.....

Jumo ~ Glint ~ PreciousDesigns ~ Lamb ~ Glitterati 

I absolutely Love the colors in this Dress!!

Hair ~ Waiting on You in Blond Made by Lamb....

Skin ~ Kaori,  Fraise skin tone with brown brows {Mesh Project Appliers} & System Skins 
Makeup ~ Lips & Eyeshadows are Kaori {TMP} Appliers
This is a New Skin From Jumo

Jewelry ~ Heavenly Skies Jewelry Set {Has matching earrings Not Pictured} These are made By Rainbow @ Glint....

Dress ~ Bring Back the Summer mesh dress Also Matching shoes Sold Separately..
You can get yours @ Precious Designs

Pose/ Prop  ~  Into The Black  This is from Glitterati... Marketplace Store Only

# 56 A Closer Look....

SlackGirl ~ Deetalez ~ LabelMotion ~ Lamb
Here's my Look Of The Day!

Hair ~ Warpaint in Natural Brown from Lamb.. This is Featured Now @ Collaber88

Skin ~ Jule in Eastern{Mesh Project Appliers} Created by DeeTalez...

Top ~ Martina Mesh top comes in 5 Sizes (Alpha Included)
Bottoms ~ Martina Jeans These come in System Pants or The Mesh Project Appliers. 
Martina is an outfit from SlackGirl  Heres your Taxi to SlackGirl...

               Pose ~ Gwen 01 from Label Motion.. This is being Featured in a pack of poses at                           The Dressing Room...

Camera is prop from pose verocity You can get that camera prop @ The Seasons Story -Winter

#55 Out taking Photos with Playful ALex...

Serenity Style ~ Lamb ~ Verocity~ Glint ~ SlackGirl

Outfit ~ Martina  Mesh Top & System & TMP Appliers Jeans These are from SlackGirl.....

Playful Alex ~  He is just the cutest little Doll. Playful Alex comes in a standing version and a holding one. This is a release from Serenity Style & this is featured @ The Chapter Four..

Hair ~ Warpaint i got this in the variety pack is super cute.. This hair is from Lamb & is being featured @ Collaber88

Bracelet  ~  Treasures of the Isis Bracelet You will find this @  Glint..

Shoes ~ Lady Peep Sling Shoes from RICIELLI  ~ These are being featured @ The Dressing Room...

Pose & Prop ~ Camera prop 4 from Verocity. This prop & more found @ The Seasons Story - Winter...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

# 54 Taking a moment to breath some Fresh Air....

Glint ~ SlackGirl ~ Mandala ~ Exposer ~ Deetalez ~ ANGELICA ~ Tableau Vivant
Hope you are all enjoying this Sunday evening... Heres what you see in photo.

Hair ~ Celestia from Tableau Vivant. This is being featured @ Collaber88....
Eyes ~ Pure Eyes in Green from ANGELICA. These eyes are @ The Seasons Story
Skin ~ Jule in eastern tone {Mesh Project Appliers} @ Deetalez...
Mesh Body & Head ~ both From The Shops!  Head is Classic Body Deluxe The Shops!
Mesh Ears ~ Steking Ears Season 5 Edition From Mandala These are the best ears & the hud makes them so esy to use...
Jewelry ~ Treasures of Isis Necklace, Earrings & Bracelets from Glint... 
Dress ~ Mindy from SlackGirl... This comes with System clothing and Appliers for the Mesh Project.
Pose & Prop ~ Stone Arch and this is from  ExPoseur....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

#53 Taking a Rest in my New home after a long day!

~~ Tashi ~  Tableau Vivant  ~  Kaerri ~~

Hair ~ Celestia from Tableau Vivant  This is featured @ Collaber88

Top ~ Ponchi Poncho Cape, Gives a nice comfy feeling and has a color changing hud for your different moods. This is from Tashi... {MarketPlace Only}

House and all Furniture  ~ London Pied A Terre House , I have absolutely fell in Love with this Home & plan on living in it for the next few months for sure.. This is located at th Leaf on the Wind  50% of profits go to Fundraiser  Your Taxi to Leaf on the Wind...

# 52 Today is a Happy Day!

Thor ~ SlackGirl ~ Entwined ~ DeeTalez
Why is today a happy one? Thor has trusted me as thier Blogger. So Shop Thor & SlackGirl and tell them Jazz sent you.... <3
Here is what im up too...
Hair ~ Electra NaturalsB from Entwined. This is @  We <3 RolePlay

Skin ~ Jule Skin in Eastern tone {Mesh Project Appliers} From DeeTalez...

Outfit ~ Top ~ Jolie in White    Bottoms ~ Yoga Cute Leggings 
{Mesh Project Appliers}
These can be found @ SlackGirl..... <3

Books Shelf ~ Bookshelf Vertical A  You can use this as a prop or as bookshelves in your home or office. Its preloaded with animations and is only 5 prims. Also gives book for reading animations.
Get This & lots more like it @ Thor....

Thursday, January 8, 2015

# 51 Baby its Cold Outside!

Glam Affair ~ Asset ~ Livid ~ EverGlow

Hair ~ Kalantra in Reds from Asset

Coat  ~  Royal Decadence Mystic Princess 
Gloves  ~ Royal Decadence Gloves in Black Gloves have attached rings
Crown ~ Royal Decadence Mystic Princess Crown
Every Princess needs a crown.. This set also had matching boots. These are all from Livid

Skin  ~  Amberly II  Jamaica  06  from  Glam Affair...

Pose is Frost 05 from EverGlow

Thank You to All the Wonderful Designers! Hope Everyone is staying warm.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yaaaaay to Post # 50

I have lots going on & a Tuesday even... Giggles

My Outfit is Laryn, Coat, Skirt & Boots all together Comes Hudded with 5 colors to choose from. You can Find it @ Rowena's Designs  Heres your Taxi To Rowena's Designs..

My Hair is Victoria from Pr!tty Featured @ The Dressing Room 

My Skin is Paris from Jumo ~ Appliers for TheShops  Mesh Project Bodies & Heads
Im also using Glitter Eyeshadow and a Pink Lip 

Pose ~  Neige 06 from Eternal Dream Poses Featured @ Designer Circle

#49 What do i have on today?

Jumo  -CROM- MeshProject  D!va  Lumipro

Shirt is -CroM-  Sunny Sweatshirt in Skyblue
Skirt is -CroM- Tyra Skirt in Black

Skin, Shape & Makeup is Madison from  Jumo

Hair is Rosa in Amber from D!va

Mesh Head & Body are from The Shops!

Pose is Couture4f from Lumipro Hud

Thursday, January 1, 2015

#48 Hope you all had a Happy New Year!

SlackGirl ~ Rich Shoes ~ .Olive.

Dress is Rita from SlackGirl.  Dress comes with Standard System Top & TheMeshProject Appliers   Head on Over to SlackGirl.....

These Sexy Stilettos are from the Gold Line @ Rich Shoes Wearing Black {Slink High} 

Necklace Choker is from Jumo it comes in a set with matching earrings, ear cuff, rings & bracelets Golden Glam in Black Gold  Heres your Taxi to Jumo....

Tattoo is Kismet from :Little Pricks: Taxi to :LittlePricks:

Hair is the Wicking Hair from .Olive. Im wearing Special Sparkle edition.
Heres Your Taxi to .Olive.....