Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#47 Relaxing before the New Year!

Precious Designs ~ Lara Body ~ The Shops ~ .Olive.

Here's what i have on...

Hair is from .Olive. I love it as its a Glitter edition & its Free!  Taxi to .OLIVE.

My head is from The Shop!  This one is Moody. Taxi to TheShops!

My Body is from Maitreya Lara, So far i like this Body! Head on over to grab Lara for yourself!

My Dress is from Precious Designs  Butterfly Kisses Hudded with 6 colors to choose from.

My Pose/Prop is from Half Deer The sheltering Leaf Bench & Lighted pathway Stars.

Monday, December 29, 2014

# 46 Who dont like to play in the snow?

Velvet Fox ~ [Circa] ~ Maitreya ~ .Olive.

Heres what im up too....
My Vest & Skinny Jeans,
Vest is Bianca Vest in Teal, Jeans are Blue & White print Skinnys from Velvet Fox
Heres your taxi to Velvet Fox....
My hair is from .Olive. Its the Anna Hair and is a freebie @ her mainstore.
 Heres your Taxi to .Olive. Join the group for even more Free Gifts!
My Body is Lara from Maitreya Go Ahead and go get yours....
SnowStar Flakes are from [Circa] They are SnowStar Decals Perfect for wall decorations or for photos. These are in advent tree.. "Winter Glow" SnowStar Decal 1-4
Heres your Taxi to [CIRCA]
Pose is Christmas 2 from Posesion Head on over to PosESion to get your poses....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

#45 Hope Everyone is having Happy Holidays!

 Jumo ~ Lamb ~ WLTB Glint & Precious Designs 
My skin is from Jumo It is Paris and im wearing eye & lip colors that come with. Make sure you go there today & Check out her full line of skins & fashions.
Hair is Lamb Waiting on You. You can Pick yours up @ this round of Collaber88
Jewelry im wearing is from Glint. Heavenly Skies in White. This has earrings, necklace and bracelet that all match. Rainbow will customize all Jewelry Just let her know <3 
My dress comes from Precious Designs  Up Town Girl with a hud that has 7 color options for sweater, dress & belt. So many ways you can wear this. Looking for shoes too? Check out the Matching shoes Up Town Girl for Slink High feet only.

*Click on Store Names for urls to get these items for yourself. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

# 44 Jumo, Glint & Jaz

Skin is Nataly in cocoa This skin set is Made by Jumo for the Mesh Project. Theres Options of eye & lip colors. Check Out The Skins @ Jumo....
Earrings are From Glint Gemmed Snowflake & Bells This Set has a Necklace that matches as well.

#43 6 Days till Christmas!

Heres Some Last Min Holiday Decorations you Must Grab!
Decor is [Circa]  Christmas Cheer Wine Bar Set. Now we all need our WINE for the Holidays!  This is a 5 piece Set  Wine Bar & Giver In Redwood, two candy stripped stools, Holly Chalkboard & Snowflake Twig Vase. Heres Your Taxi to [Circa] @ The Black Dot Project
My Outfit Miss Chrissy from Boudoir. This costume has totally made me in Holiday spirits. Comes with tray with Holding pose. I got this off marketpalce, Purchase Here.. look at those elf feet soo cute..
My Necklace is from Glint  Women's Marquise Christmas Jewelry in Gold. Glint has Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, Anything is Customizable.  Here is Your Taxi to Glint...
Skin is from Jumo..... Her Skins are Beautiful!!  The Set Im wearing is Nataly in cocoa. Your Taxi to Jumo.... 
Ill be bringing you more soon.. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jasmine Hayes: #42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}

Jasmine Hayes: #42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}: What am i thinking? Which Ring i wanna wear ofcourse!! Thank You [Circa] For joining me to the family. All these Lovely Rings are now a...

#42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}

What am i thinking? Which Ring i wanna wear ofcourse!!
Thank You [Circa] For joining me to the family.
All these Lovely Rings are now available @ the [Circa] Store. 
Winter Ring Gacha Items. 
The Necklace im wearing is [Circa] The Collector - Kinetic - Orange
these also have matching earrings and rings. There is 2 different metals and lots of colors.
Im wearing my first Mesh Head! I like it for that serious elf look. I got it from the Totally Top Shelf Event . Its from Genesis Lab Crystal in Rose.
The hands i have the rings on are from {Vespertine}
the Zodiac Hands. This is featured at the Collaber88
Hugz!  Thanks for listening..... till next time..

Monday, December 1, 2014

#41 We Love To Blog!

I was invited to join We Love To Blog & this is my 1st post.
This is Red Christmas Tree Dispensing Gifts Plus Train.
Persnickety has a Christmas Shoppe you can find this tree plus other Christmas decorations Now Thru January!  Heres your taxi to the Christmas Shoppe

#40 Jumo.... oooh How i Love Theeeeeeee.......

This is the perfect gown for Evening Parties
Playing in the snow What am i Wearing! This is a One Stop and your ready for an evening of fun and looking FABULOUS!!! (ok so its two spots if you need to get hair hehe)
Hair is 42 - Light Red with a red hair base. This hair is in the freeball @ Analog Dog
My Shape and Skin are Paris in Cocoa, im wearing the red brow version.
The Jewelry set is Asteria in Gold, Rings, Bangles, Earrings & Necklace.
This Sexy Gown is Astoria in Aqua, with Fur shoulders, Hudded mesh gloves (with different hand options) & Jeweled Headpiece.. You can get them all @ Jumo Several colors to choose from.
The Pose im using is PoseSion Divine 3