Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#47 Relaxing before the New Year!

Precious Designs ~ Lara Body ~ The Shops ~ .Olive.

Here's what i have on...

Hair is from .Olive. I love it as its a Glitter edition & its Free!  Taxi to .OLIVE.

My head is from The Shop!  This one is Moody. Taxi to TheShops!

My Body is from Maitreya Lara, So far i like this Body! Head on over to grab Lara for yourself!

My Dress is from Precious Designs  Butterfly Kisses Hudded with 6 colors to choose from.

My Pose/Prop is from Half Deer The sheltering Leaf Bench & Lighted pathway Stars.

Monday, December 29, 2014

# 46 Who dont like to play in the snow?

Velvet Fox ~ [Circa] ~ Maitreya ~ .Olive.

Heres what im up too....
My Vest & Skinny Jeans,
Vest is Bianca Vest in Teal, Jeans are Blue & White print Skinnys from Velvet Fox
Heres your taxi to Velvet Fox....
My hair is from .Olive. Its the Anna Hair and is a freebie @ her mainstore.
 Heres your Taxi to .Olive. Join the group for even more Free Gifts!
My Body is Lara from Maitreya Go Ahead and go get yours....
SnowStar Flakes are from [Circa] They are SnowStar Decals Perfect for wall decorations or for photos. These are in advent tree.. "Winter Glow" SnowStar Decal 1-4
Heres your Taxi to [CIRCA]
Pose is Christmas 2 from Posesion Head on over to PosESion to get your poses....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

#45 Hope Everyone is having Happy Holidays!

 Jumo ~ Lamb ~ WLTB Glint & Precious Designs 
My skin is from Jumo It is Paris and im wearing eye & lip colors that come with. Make sure you go there today & Check out her full line of skins & fashions.
Hair is Lamb Waiting on You. You can Pick yours up @ this round of Collaber88
Jewelry im wearing is from Glint. Heavenly Skies in White. This has earrings, necklace and bracelet that all match. Rainbow will customize all Jewelry Just let her know <3 
My dress comes from Precious Designs  Up Town Girl with a hud that has 7 color options for sweater, dress & belt. So many ways you can wear this. Looking for shoes too? Check out the Matching shoes Up Town Girl for Slink High feet only.

*Click on Store Names for urls to get these items for yourself. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

# 44 Jumo, Glint & Jaz

Skin is Nataly in cocoa This skin set is Made by Jumo for the Mesh Project. Theres Options of eye & lip colors. Check Out The Skins @ Jumo....
Earrings are From Glint Gemmed Snowflake & Bells This Set has a Necklace that matches as well.

#43 6 Days till Christmas!

Heres Some Last Min Holiday Decorations you Must Grab!
Decor is [Circa]  Christmas Cheer Wine Bar Set. Now we all need our WINE for the Holidays!  This is a 5 piece Set  Wine Bar & Giver In Redwood, two candy stripped stools, Holly Chalkboard & Snowflake Twig Vase. Heres Your Taxi to [Circa] @ The Black Dot Project
My Outfit Miss Chrissy from Boudoir. This costume has totally made me in Holiday spirits. Comes with tray with Holding pose. I got this off marketpalce, Purchase Here.. look at those elf feet soo cute..
My Necklace is from Glint  Women's Marquise Christmas Jewelry in Gold. Glint has Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, Anything is Customizable.  Here is Your Taxi to Glint...
Skin is from Jumo..... Her Skins are Beautiful!!  The Set Im wearing is Nataly in cocoa. Your Taxi to Jumo.... 
Ill be bringing you more soon.. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jasmine Hayes: #42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}

Jasmine Hayes: #42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}: What am i thinking? Which Ring i wanna wear ofcourse!! Thank You [Circa] For joining me to the family. All these Lovely Rings are now a...

#42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}

What am i thinking? Which Ring i wanna wear ofcourse!!
Thank You [Circa] For joining me to the family.
All these Lovely Rings are now available @ the [Circa] Store. 
Winter Ring Gacha Items. 
The Necklace im wearing is [Circa] The Collector - Kinetic - Orange
these also have matching earrings and rings. There is 2 different metals and lots of colors.
Im wearing my first Mesh Head! I like it for that serious elf look. I got it from the Totally Top Shelf Event . Its from Genesis Lab Crystal in Rose.
The hands i have the rings on are from {Vespertine}
the Zodiac Hands. This is featured at the Collaber88
Hugz!  Thanks for listening..... till next time..

Monday, December 1, 2014

#41 We Love To Blog!

I was invited to join We Love To Blog & this is my 1st post.
This is Red Christmas Tree Dispensing Gifts Plus Train.
Persnickety has a Christmas Shoppe you can find this tree plus other Christmas decorations Now Thru January!  Heres your taxi to the Christmas Shoppe

#40 Jumo.... oooh How i Love Theeeeeeee.......

This is the perfect gown for Evening Parties
Playing in the snow What am i Wearing! This is a One Stop and your ready for an evening of fun and looking FABULOUS!!! (ok so its two spots if you need to get hair hehe)
Hair is 42 - Light Red with a red hair base. This hair is in the freeball @ Analog Dog
My Shape and Skin are Paris in Cocoa, im wearing the red brow version.
The Jewelry set is Asteria in Gold, Rings, Bangles, Earrings & Necklace.
This Sexy Gown is Astoria in Aqua, with Fur shoulders, Hudded mesh gloves (with different hand options) & Jeweled Headpiece.. You can get them all @ Jumo Several colors to choose from.
The Pose im using is PoseSion Divine 3

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#39 P3 Pixel Perfect Productions

P3 & Christmas Gacha... Now this is super Adorable!!
Unisex Faun Accessories - You can get these for the You Better Not Pout! Christmas Gacha Hunt!  Theres 11 Commons and 3 RARE Spotted Legs & Ears & Holy Antlers. 50Ls a Pull 
Event Runs Dec 1st thru 31st

#38 ReeA & Plastik

Thank You ReeA Tattoos for Sponsoring me <3
This is what im Wearing...
ReeA Tattoo's  Im wearing Conceptual They are UniSex They Also Have Appliers for SlInk Hands, Feet & Physique, Wowomeh & TheMeshProject.
Plastik ~ Krysis Horns & Lip Ring Bonded Love in Black.
Dress is Viviana - Death
Skin is From Deetalez  Smilla in Eastern Tone Your Taxi to DeeTalez
Hair is from Pr!tty - Rae I got a blonds & Brown Pack.  Taxi To Pr!ty
Im Also wearing Slink hands Casual.
Pose is EverGlow Comfy 06 Head over and get your poses....
Kisses till next time....

# 37 Skin Addiction's Black Friday Sale 2014

So Alot of the skin designers got together and between the dates of  November 28th thru the 30th Select Skins will be marked off a Minimum of 25% off.... 
I personally am excited as the designer list is outstanding..
So, First thing you need to do is go to Skin Addiction in World & Join the Group.
Theres an area you can join group Catch thier Blog & thier Flickr.
Then at participating designers you go to thier stores look for this Blue Discount Snowflake.. 
Buy the skin and then you will be refunded the difference (unless otherwise stated by a designer)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

#36 Now im Just Fooling Around!

But, Check Out What I have On!
In the Light...
Im wearing same items from last post, Sometimes i get these shots that i like to play with then share so you all can see. Afterall, Photography is my #1

Skin is From Belleza Ashley Smokey In Medium.. Was for FLF 
The Dressing Room Opened and i had to go...
Dress is from CynFul  Merc's Leather Sleeved Dress in Pink... Cause I <3 Pink
^^Swallow^^   Septum Ring HeartWings  This has multiple metal options 
Easy to Resize.
The Pose is Label Motion Ami Pose 1
Hair is Wicca from Tableau Vivant I went Basic pack this time and used Black.
Get this hair and lots more at Collaber88 

Jasmine Hayes: # 34 # Visionaire

Jasmine Hayes: # 34 # Visionaire

# 35 Shop Much? Check these out..

Of Course im out Shopping.....

Skin is From Belleza Ashley Smokey In Medium.. Was for FLF 
Theres Soooo Many Events going on ill tell you about a cpl..
The Dressing Room Opened and i had to go...
Dress is from CynFul  Merc's Leather Sleeved Dress in Pink... Cause I <3 Pink
^^Swallow^^   Septum Ring HeartWings  This has multiple metal options 
Easy to Resize.
The Pose is Label Motion Ami Pose 1
Hair is Wicca from Tableau Vivant I went Basic pack this time and used Black.
Lastly My Boots With Sock Options these are a winter Must Have..
Fri. Maggie Boots in Oil
These Items are at Collaber88 

# 34 # Visionaire

# Visionaire

Thursday, November 13, 2014

# 33 Jumo, Al'Vulo & Label Motion

Jumo & Goodies from the Dressing Room
This Outfit is TriBaCa from Jumo, I mixed matched 2 different colors, the Gold & Black. 6 Colors to choose from, I say grab them ALL!!  These Sets have Pearl Bangles & EarRings.. Matching Shoes for SLInk Feet High. Pick yours Up Today!!
My Skin is from Al'Vulo  Red Dream SunKissed @ The Dressing Room
Pose  Label Motion Carola Pose 4

Sunday, November 9, 2014

# 32 Kalopsia @ el.o.quence

Been Busy in Real Life & Finals for my photography class. This next photo i did for my Visionaire Personal Style HomeWork!
i got the picture wall frame from Kalopsia @ el.o.quence Check it out Here... Join the group inworld!
Deetalez Skin  ~ Im wearing Alice which was a Special Edition for Mystic Realm Faire Im Also wearing  Make Up Blacks Heres your taxi to Deetalez.. Get Your Skin On...
The Hair im wearing is from Little Bones A Lady Must have her Hair!! Lets Go..
The Dragonfly Necklace and Ring are from Bliensen. Go check out Bliensen Here...
Outfit From [Foxes] <3 me some Foxes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

# 31 Al Vulo Pr!tty Rack SweetLies Plastik

Several different Events still gong on Lets see where i went.. 
Skin ~ Al Vulo Salina Magical this is a TDR Edition
Hair ~ Pr!tty  Penelope in Reds
Both of these you can Find @ The Dressing RoomClick For Your Taxi to TDR...
I also went to the Fantasy Collective and found Racks Gypsy Pose Set with Trambolines
Dress was made by Sweet Lies was for a past event,
Horns are Iriya Horns in Blood From Plastik

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#30 Jumo, Diamond Style & Analog Dog!

Im in Love with this Look! Get Yours Today! Ill Tell ya Where!
          Dress ~ Jumo Northsore Dress in Teal! You can get this in 4 seperate colors & also find Matching Shoes @ Jumo's Main Store Your Taxi To Jumo...

Skin ~ Diamond Style  Halloween Skin Grey  Rainbow 

Hair ~ Analog Dog Pop Scotch in Splash Color

Pose is  one from Morphine which has closed in Secondlife
Hope you are All having an Awesome Week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

# 29 DeeTalez, MeshedUp, Entwined & More!

I Been Everywhere this week!!
DeeTalez Skins are one of my top Skin Choices. The skin i have on is a PreRelease @ The Body Modification Expo. SMILLA {Brows2} in Eastern Tone.
MeshedUp ~ Queens Mask in Gold. You can get the mask @ the Mystic Realm Faire
Mandala Fantasy Elf Ears, These are Huded Absolutely my Fave Ears.
The Fantasy Collective is up with a great new Selection, More Blogs will be following for items i found that i loved.
[Entwined] Elizabeth Hair Naturals B @ The Fantasy Collective
MayFly Eyes ~ Mayfly has awesome Hudded eyes Deep Sky Eyes (Aged Bronze Shadow)
Your Taxi to MayFly...

# 28 NanTra Calypso @ MRF 4 Days Left!

4 Days Left @ The Mystic Realm Faire
{NanTra} Calypso Tentacle prop has 8 different poses.
Lots of Photography fun on one prop, Get Yours today @ MRF

Sunday, October 19, 2014

# 27 [Circa] & G Field @ The Mystic Realm Faire

Hurry and Visit MRF Open till Oct 26!
Traveller's Discovery Table & Chair Set is from Circa Living. Every Piece is highly detailed. There is also a matching Tall Shelf for Traveler's Discovery. Make sure you stop by and get yours!
The Dress i have on is Elwyn Outfit from G Field also @ the MRF

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#25 {Zantra} Spyralle & Eve

So, This is my first mesh body Eve by Ginger Chevalier Here is your taxi to get your Mesh Body
Headpiece, Necklace & Bracelets is Cyclone from Spyralle
Pose is {Nantra} Spellbinder 4 Staffs are also incuded with poses
You can get yours @ the Mystic Realm Faire

#26 Sway & Sweet Lies @ The Mystic Realm Faire

I know Theres alot of events going on right now. Im gonna remind you about the Mystic Realm Faire its still Running till October 26th. Heres a cpl places for you to visit.
Special Thanks to My sl sis Kelli, Shes modeling AnJana fairy outfit in Blue (Dress Wings & Leggings Included) From Sweet Lies. There's 3 different colors to pic from and they are only 99L each. She also has several other outfits just as affordable.
Wishing Well, Stepping Stones & Lamp Post are from Sway. Have the bucket hanging or on the edge. This has 10 single animations and 8 couple. Materials enabled so textures are highly detailed. Stepping stones has 3 presets of 5 stones arranged differently, These are copy so you can make a path as long as you want. Last but not least the Bygone streetlamp, This has two versions the standing as shown and also a wall version, not shown.you can turn these lights on and off by touching or they automatically turn on @ sl night. 
Find both these designers @ lots of others @ the Mystic Realm Faire

Monday, October 13, 2014

# 24 Mystic Realm Faire {Nantra}, [Sakide], Spyralle, Lamb & Glam Affair

Thank You to all the Designers that gave me the chance to blog your wonderful items. I knew id be spending alot of time @ this years Mystic Realm Faire as the theme is what appeals to me the most.
Hair ~ Lamb Foxy {ombre pack} 
This hair is available @ Collaber88   Click for your Taxi to Collaber88...
Skin ~ Glam Affair Sia in Jamaica tone This is also available @ Collaber88
Head piece, Necklace Arm Bands are from Spyralle Cyclone it has a hud for several color options.
The outfit Highly detailed very sleek and Sexy is from [Sakide] Anawyn  it is hudded and has 7 color options, Top, Skirt & it has matching arm bands that are not in photo.
My Pose {Nantra} Spellbinder 1 
All these can be found at the Mystic Realm Affair..
Dont Delay, Get Yours Today! Click here for your taxi to the Faire....

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#23 Emo-tions ~ Glam Affair ~ Lamb

Today i have a few New items from Collaber88 & an Awesome outfit from Emo-tions @ the Mystic Realms Faire.
Here i am wearing a Sexy outfit from Emo-tions You can get this at the Mystic Realms Faire, It runs October 10 thru October 26th
Skin ~ Glam Affair Sia Jamaica 4
Hair ~ Lamb Foxy Ombre Pack
Pose ~ Marukin (Morning) Sapphire blue

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#22 Lerawr Poses ~ Moon Amore ~ l&e Spin spin sugar pumps - pink/white (Slink med)

Lots Stuff im wearing Today!
Skin ~ Belleza Ashley Md DK Heres Your Taxi to Belleza..
Hair ~ Pr!tty Rae in blond
Outfit & Shoes both came from the Candy Fair!
Lassitude & Ennui Spin Spin Sugar Shoes
fits Slink medium feet
available in six colors, each color comes with white striped and black striped version
perms mod / copy / no trans, rigged and unrigged versions included
Moon Amore has this Cute Romper & Shirt Lots of option to choose from.
These both are Exclusives for Candy Fair.
.:LeRawr:. Poses You Make me Wanna.. Pose3 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

#21 Candy Heart Poufs From Sway!

Collect all the Candy Hearts @ Sways Candy Fair Gachas!
Make Sure to Stop by SWAY & try for your chance to recieve all poufs 7 sitting animations in each one.

# 20 Myrrine Exclusive @ the Candy Fair!

Elegant Seating with Tea & Treats
Theres 3 different color to choose from, Fair, Green & Pink
Candy Fair Runs Oct 3rd to 17th

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#19 Kelli Stole my Gum!

Tentacio ~ Infiniti ~  Pididdle  ~ Exposeur
Wings are Steampunk Insect from Tenacio
Bubblegum is from Pididdle
Gumballs are from Infiniti poses & props
Candy prop box is from Exposeur
All these items plus lots more @ the Candy Fair
Candy Fair opens 12AM SL time on October 3rd

#18 Headed to the Candy Fair! A must for every lady!!

Moon Amore ~ Sway ~ KoiKoi ~ Tentacio ~ Storybook ~ Exposeur ~
Prop CandyBox ~ Exposeur ~ Copy & modifiable 
Couch, chair, coffee table & bubblegum rug. Sway ~ Quality furniture with animated poses
Gumball Purse Im wearing & Simple gumball purse by sissy form Moon Amore
Bubblegum bubble from PIDIDDLE Huded for different gum flavors
KoiKoi Cherry Poppers Chocolate Vanilla Shoes. Fits slink med feet.
Polaroid Camera from Tenacio Several colors to choose from.
Mu Outfit is also from Moon Amore! 
Slink Nail Polish from Storybook Dipped Berries these are only 1l
Gumballs that have rolled all over Infiniti gumballs poses & props

Friday, September 26, 2014

#17 Visionaire.TableauVivant.Atomic..:LaRawR:.DRD

This is Actually My Homework For my Visionaire Photograpy Class!
I know its been awhile since i blogged, been a tad under the weather.
This is One of my Homework Pieces for my Photography Class.
Skin ~ Atomic  Rainbow Brite ~ Creme Your Taxi to Atomic Skins...
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant  ~  Mikazuki  ~ SolsticeGet this Hair! Heres your TAXI.....
Face & Shoulder Armor ~ Death Row Island ~ Melancholy Armor Metal

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#16 Glint Al Vulvo Tableau Viviant Ooh My!

Heres some accessories you May just WANT!
Necklace & Earrings are from Glint ~ Beaded Tigers Eye & Pearls Jewelry Set
My Skin is a free group gift from Al Vulvo Celestial Diva Brow Olive
My Hair is from Tableau Vivant  Upshaw Sidebangs. They also have 2 other versions of bang styles.
This is @ the new Collaber88 Try all 3! Heres Your Taxi to Collaber88...

#15 Its Not too Late! 24 Squared is ending soon!

Jumo's Sublime Gown is Extremely Beautiful!
Dress ~ Jumo Sublime in Gold, this also comes in a Grafitti
Jewelry ~ Jumos as well. Im wearing the Superb Jewelry set in Red Diamonds, You can also get the sets in Rose & Yellow Diamonds as well.

Monday, September 8, 2014

#14 Jumo Desirable Gown

Another Gorgeous Gown From Jumo @ The 24 Squared
This is such a nice gown, perfect for that special day out. This comes in (Sold Seperatly) 3 Colors
Black, Silver & this Teal. You can get this too but you better hurry!
Click here for Taxi to The 24 Squared event to get yours today!
Hair is from Mina Its called Jasmin, Come in 2 versions with or without braids. Im wearing Light Brown. This hair is currently For Sale @ the We <3 Role-Play event
Click for Your Taxi to We <3 Role-Play
The Skin i have on is from Al Vulvo  Salina in Milk. I got this skin for a great deal @ The Dressing Room Fusion. While your there peek around for other Awesome offers.
Click Here for your Taxi to The Dressing Room
My Elven Ears i got from Lemon Tea Very easy to use and color match to original skins
Marketplace Link For Lemon Tea Elven Ears

Thursday, September 4, 2014

#13 Jumo @ 24Square

Here is A cpl More Sneek Peaks Before tomorrows opening..
Dress is Destiny From Jumo Theres a limited amount You might not wanna too Long!!
Necklace is also from Jumo & has different colors it is called Believer. Im wearing it in Aqua.
If you wanna go See all Jumos Awesome Designs

#12 On Your Marks Get Ready! 24 Squared is On its Way!!

The Beginning Of Jumo & The 24 Squared Event.
For You that do not Know. 24 Squared Runs Sept 5 to 13. Designers Only Sell a Limited amount. After the event and items are sold they will not be sold AGAIN!
Dresses ~ Jumo Charmed Showing Black & Red
Jewelry ~ Jumo's Floret Diamond Jewelry Sets. The Set Includes, Earrings, Necklace, Bangles & Ring!
Nuit Clutch ~ Get this FatPack of Clutches for FREE!
To see Jumo's Other Fashions While you wait for this event to open

#11 Rock Your Rack With Jumo!

This Picture Just does not do this Gown Justice, Gold, Diamonds & Sparkle... Of Course I Love!
This Beautiful Jumo Nuit Gown In Gold & The Gorgeous Jewelry Sent. Consort Yellow Diamond Necklace, Earrings, Bangles & Rings can be found @ the ROCK YOU RACK Event.
Also Look for the Matching Gold Clutch. 
These are brought ot you thru Jumo Designs <3
Rock Your Rack Runs Untill Sept 15th Shop for an Awesome Cause!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#10 What Did Jaz get into Today?

<P3> Pixel Perfect ~ Panda Punx ~ PlastiK ~ Damselfly
<P3> Sexy Over the Knee leather Boots ~ Several colors to choose from. Click For Taxi To P3
I got this Sexy Dress Cynder ~ Reptila from Plastik Click For Taxi to PlastiK
Then Today i got up and went to the Designer Circle & bought me a cpl things.Heres Your Taxi to Designer Circle If youd like to pick up some goodies too...
Skin & Shape i got from Panda Punx ~ Tilly Shape with Tilly {Bashful} Milky tone Skin.
My Hair is from Damselfly  ~ Tory {rigged-mesh} in Light Blond 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

#9 PlastiK

My lil Extras From PlastiK, The Eyes & Lip Stripe are from the Araciara Elven Set. I also Included a Foxxe Eye Makeup. The Eyelashes are Mesh & youll be able to find them @ Sexy Catz Once we Reopen! 

#8 PlastiK ~ Belleza ~ Moon & PlastiK Again!

Today Im Blogging One of My Long time Fave Stores... PlastiK Also Belleza & Moon Hair!
Outfit ~ Raine from Plastik. Im in the Valateia Corset & Sexy Rhiannon Mini Skirt. Anakre KneeHigh Boots, Simply AMAZING! Heres Your Taxi To PlastiK..
Also From PlastiK  Diviner Jewelry & Horns Several Varieties to choose from, I wore the collar, beaded bracelets, Hoop Earrings & the Horns! 
Hair ~ Moon, Untitled, Fades <3 This Hair! I got @ the Uber Event.Heres Your Taxi to the Uber Event...
Skin ~ Belleza Elvi in Medium tone. Its such a Beautiful Skin im not ready to take it off! Heres Your Taxi To Belleza.... 
Stay Tuned to Post #9 For Detailed Face Items

#7 P3 Pixel Perfection ~ Belleza ~ Mayfly

Hey Ladies Heres a SneakPeak of  <P3>'s Free Item for the Hello Titty Peekaboo Hunt!
Hunt Runs Sept 1st thru Sept 20th
The Back is even Cuter! Wonder what it looks like? Go Get it! 
This peekaboo outfit comes in lavender. Has a Nipple cover for those who prefer not to show your nips, Collar and matching Cuffs and Matching Hudded heels. 
Skin ~ Belleza Elvi in Med Taxi To Belleza...
Eyes ~ MayFly These are actually from the Luminous line Dark Olive. These are mesh Scripted eyes. You can change pupil sizes, shadows, reflections. Check them out for Yourself..

Thursday, August 28, 2014

#6 Jumo Fashions ~ Mayfly ~ Mina Hair

Jumo Skin, lips, outfit, jewelry, Shoes & SLInk Nailappliers ~ Mayfly Eyes ~ Mina Hair
Today im Wearing Jumo Vega Skin in Carmel with Vega Nylon lip color.
My Outfit, Also from Jumo. Mesh Croco Glam Set Hudded for color choice and
comes with 4 different system tops to choose from.
Shoes Jumo too, Brighton heels in Black works with SLInk High Feet
Earrrings and Ring are Jumo Fascination Diamonds, they also have mathing necklace and bangles (Not Shown)
Jumo is also giving a free gift Glitter pastel nails to go with your Slink Hands and Feet!
Eyes From Mayfly, Aged Bronze <3 Mayfly Eyes http://tinyurl.com/nw2c7eg
Hair is from Mina Love Love Its Nikky in Blond http://tinyurl.com/p83vpmo
last but not least my Pose, Im using Marukin {poppy} gleaming bergmot got them @ Collaber88 http://tinyurl.com/m7muogh
SlInk Hands & Feet  http://tinyurl.com/nfbfao8

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#5 GLINT ~ P3 ~ MayFly ~ Deetalez ~ KoKoLoReS ~ SLInk ~ Markun

Its a Great Day to Add to my Blog, Thank You to all the Designers that are letting me help spread the word about Your Designs in the Second Life World that we all LOVE so Much! <3
<P3> ~  Kawaii Heart Mesh Vest Top Shown in 3 different Colors.
Glint ~ Flower & Pearls Matching Jewelry Set Necklace & Belly Chain Shown
(Also has matching Hoop Earrings) http://tinyurl.com/mwlb33e
MayFly Mesh Eyes ~ Deep Sky Aged Bronze http://tinyurl.com/nw2c7eg
KoKoLoReS Mesh Hair ~ Tousled I got the Ombre Set http://tinyurl.com/mlfndhr
DeeTalez Skin ~ Calla (brows2) Nordic Tone http://tinyurl.com/numv6ga
SlInk Hands Casual ~ With DeeTalez Skin Applier http://tinyurl.com/nfbfao8
LeLutka PhotoShoot II Lashes ~ http://tinyurl.com/a8j4ef7
My Pose is MarKun DolceVita Blue Woman Got the set @ Collaber88 http://tinyurl.com/m7muogh

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#4 Animated Face & Body Glitter!

DeeTalez Animated Body & Face Glitter

DeeTalez Body & Face Glitter Animated too   http://tinyurl.com/numv6ga
Other items im wearing are,
Analog Dog ~ Trouble Clef in Playan http://tinyurl.com/ovh7l42
Mayfly Eyes ~ Deep Sky Mesh   http://tinyurl.com/nw2c7eg
Atomic Skin ~ HeartStrings in latte  http://tinyurl.com/letkt3m
Sugar Heart made my Dimples & Studs LOVE LOVE Them!
The Outfit will be Released Soon @ My Sexy Catz Store Location (Coming Soon)

#3 Reel Poses


This is a Cute Fun Pose! Also comes with the Phone! Love, Love!

Monday, August 18, 2014

#2 Glint ~ Turquoise & Amethyst Peacesign Feet Jewelry

Glint ~ PeaceSign Foot Jewelry

These are Beautiful Turquoise & Amethyst Peace Sign Feet Jewelry. Im not sure about you, 
but i love to have my feet dressed up too. Especially at the beach!
These ones are made to go with SLink FLAT feet.
Resizers are added just in case your feet are larger then small.
Taxi to get Yours!  http://tinyurl.com/mwlb33e