Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#42 [Circa] Genesis {Vespertine}

What am i thinking? Which Ring i wanna wear ofcourse!!
Thank You [Circa] For joining me to the family.
All these Lovely Rings are now available @ the [Circa] Store. 
Winter Ring Gacha Items. 
The Necklace im wearing is [Circa] The Collector - Kinetic - Orange
these also have matching earrings and rings. There is 2 different metals and lots of colors.
Im wearing my first Mesh Head! I like it for that serious elf look. I got it from the Totally Top Shelf Event . Its from Genesis Lab Crystal in Rose.
The hands i have the rings on are from {Vespertine}
the Zodiac Hands. This is featured at the Collaber88
Hugz!  Thanks for listening..... till next time..