Monday, December 1, 2014

#40 Jumo.... oooh How i Love Theeeeeeee.......

This is the perfect gown for Evening Parties
Playing in the snow What am i Wearing! This is a One Stop and your ready for an evening of fun and looking FABULOUS!!! (ok so its two spots if you need to get hair hehe)
Hair is 42 - Light Red with a red hair base. This hair is in the freeball @ Analog Dog
My Shape and Skin are Paris in Cocoa, im wearing the red brow version.
The Jewelry set is Asteria in Gold, Rings, Bangles, Earrings & Necklace.
This Sexy Gown is Astoria in Aqua, with Fur shoulders, Hudded mesh gloves (with different hand options) & Jeweled Headpiece.. You can get them all @ Jumo Several colors to choose from.
The Pose im using is PoseSion Divine 3