Saturday, January 24, 2015

#60 Ready for a Relaxing Evening...

Thor ~ Potpourri Designs ~ Serenity Style ~ The Dressing Room - Label Motion

If you are interested in what I'm wearing Please check out this previous post..

Things im using in this photo & Where you can get it!

Potpourri Designs is participating in Valentines in Vegas and heres a few items you can get there!
RoseBud Skybox  {18prims}
Frosted Glass Flower Table Lamp  {3prims}
Paris Night Wall Canvas {3 prims}
Red Leather Library Chairs {6prims-9sits}
Red Heart Rug {1prim}

Serenity Style is participating in a Gacha Mania January Round
Old Times Frame {1prim}
Old Times Book {1prim}

Metropolis Cube Lamp {2prim}
Kitty Book Shelf {3prim}

The Pose im using is Special Set #56 Pose 01 Made by Label Motion